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We are Sylvain and François. We travelled around the world together in 2008 - 2009. Since then, we still go on big travels regularly.

Awayforlong was born from this long travel more than 10 years ago. We're pround to say that the French version of this website became the number 1 reference for those planning a long-term travel. We hope it will soon be yours as well.

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When we write articles it's not just about our own experience.

We always work in collaboration with other experienced long-term travellers. Each article is a long work of research. We go through the web in depth, we read the books focused on each topic, we interview the specialists and ask the community of Awayforlong to know what choice they made.

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On Awayforlong you'll find the all the information you need to plan your own round the world trip or long-term travel.

We help you figure out the type of traveller you are and how you want to travel.

You'll find ultra detailed advices on how to travel better cheaper longer and more ethical.

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The facebook group Awayforlong is all about long-term travels.

Become part of the long-term travellers community. Ask your questions and get answers by those who already travelled the world for long or help the others.

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Awayforlong just released an awesome app to help travellers meet anywhere in the whole world. It's Backpackmeet !

It's super simple and totally free. The travellers are geolocated on a world map. Just filter the travellers by age, gender, language, type of transportation, etc. and contact them.

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